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Immigration Attorney

About María Belén Albuja

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is María Belén Albuja.  I am originally from Quito, Ecuador.  I moved to the USA in 2003 with a dream of living and working in the United States.  I worked for different reputable immigration law firms before and during law school.  Upon my graduation and passing of the Bar examination, I decided that fighting for immigrant rights was going to be my life’s work.

Unlike most attorneys, I understand your plight. I understand the stress and fear of facing the immigration system while looking for an honest immigration attorney.  I went through the process of becoming a legal permanent resident myself.  I am a living example that the American dream is possible.  On 7/16/08; I became an American Citizen!

University Education

Immigration Court

U.S. Immigration Court for Denver is located at:

621 17th Street, Room 300

Denver, CO 80293.
The telephone number is (303) 844-5815.


Detainee hearings are conducted at the Global Expertise in Outsourcing (GEO) detention facility in Aurora. The address is:


3130 North Oakland St., Room 1, 1st Floor

Aurora, CO 80011

The telephone number is (303) 361-0488.


Colorado Bar Association Legal Clinics

Rocky Mountain Immigration Advocate Network

Denver Center for Crime Victims

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