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About Us

María Belén Albuja was born in Quito, Ecuador and came to Denver Colorado in 2003 with the dream of living and working in this country.  Unlike most lawyers, María Belén Albuja felt firsthand the stress and fear of confronting the immigration system and starting from scratch.  Therefore, she has never forgotten her roots; she is proudly Ecuadorian, an immigrant and since 2008, a United States citizen.

María Belén Albuja studied at the Catholic University of Quito School of Law and has earned several postgraduate studies in Financial, International and Comparative Law.  Because of her academic record, bilingual skills, and work experience she had the opportunity to work in various law firms specializing in immigration in the City of Denver while attending law school at the University of Denver in Colorado where she received her law degree.  After passing the bar examination in Colorado, she opened the doors of ALBUJA LAW LLC in 2011.  She is an active member of the Bar Association of Colorado, the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association and American Immigration Lawyers Association at the national and local level.  María Belén’s vision in the field of immigration law has always been to offer the best service to the immigrant community and educate them as well.  She continuously participates in immigration conferences, gives community presentations, and actively participates in social networks.

James Flanagan came on board Albuja Law LLC in January 2013.  He is the General Manager of operations and finance.  Under his guidance Albuja Law LLC integrated immigration case management software to secure client confidentiality that has improved office production.  He has also spearheaded an environmental and recycling policy which has reduced paper and material consumption.  Albuja Law LLC has plans to be virtually paper free within a few years.  James is a native of Denver, Colorado.  He attended college at Metropolitan State College of Denver and the University of Colorado.  James graduated with a double major in history and political science.  He began his career in the personal injury and defense field of law as an intern and quickly advanced to upper management.  For 16 years James was responsible for case assessment, client settlements and management of office personnel.  Due to James’ extensive years of experience serving the Latino and Asian community, he became increasingly interested in immigration law and joined Albuja Law LLC.  James works closely with María Belén on cases that involve delicate issues and immigration court matters, such as U visa certifications and Deportation cases.  James is a key component of our office organization and client relations.  

Fernanda Perez Vazquez, paralegal, is the youngest of three siblings.  She enrolled in high school early and made the honor roll for her grade achievement.  She currently is attending college and has plans to apply to law school because she wants to be a defense attorney.  Fernanda started as a receptionist in our office, then became an administrative assistant and now works as a paralegal.  Fernanda’s positive attitude and her ability to solve problems fast make her a very important member of the firm.  

In her free time Fernanda enjoys spending time with her family, hiking in the beautiful Colorado outdoors and playing with her five dogs.

Susana Gonzalez is originally from Los Angeles, California. She moved to Denver, Colorado in June of 2001. She began working in the immigration field in 2013, as a receptionist but, due to her dedication and hard work she soon found herself promoted to paralegal, working on removal matters. Susana joined Albuja Law LLC in March of 2018, and works as a paralegal in removal and family law. Susana is extremely caring, understanding, and goes above and beyond to tend to the needs of our clients. Susana loves working in immigration because she enjoys helping others and more importantly has family members who have gone through immigration process and knows how difficult this process can be, not only for the immigrant, but for the family members. Susana has a young son who she is teaching that hard work will help you achieve your goals. Susana can be found enjoying the Colorado outdoors while horseback riding almost every weekend. She also enjoys catching new movies with her family as soon as they come out.

Mía and Teddy

Mía is originally from Quito, Ecuador.  She moved to Denver in 2011.  She enjoys greeting clients, chasing tennis balls and taking naps in the waiting room.  

Teddy is a Colorado native.  He is currently the most popular attraction in our office.  He enjoys any and all tummy rubs.  

Mía and Teddy have a mind of their own and understand both English and Spanish.  They have different schedules and only work part time.

Immigration is hard, not only because of the amount of work involved, but it can also be stressful for clients.  Mía and Teddy give us all a reason to take a five-minute break to recharge so we can serve our clients better.


Let us know If you are allergic to dogs so we can make the appropriate accommodations.

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