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Immigration Attorney

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María Belén Albuja

Hello and Welcome to Albuja Law LLC!

You have just taken the first step in accomplishing the American Dream.  Without the overhead costs and hassles of a large firm.  Albuja Law LLC focuses solely on immigration matters with personal attention given to each client. We work with each client individually so that we can understand their personal needs.

The immigration laws in the United States are confusing, complex, and continually changing the way immigrants can enter, visit, and work in the USA. Our office is dedicated to helping immigrants understand the laws and the options available to help them navigate the immigration procedure.

Our services include among other cases:

1. Naturalization

2. Permanent Residence (Green Card)

3. Consular Process and Waivers

4. Fiancée/ fiancé Visas

5. Visas for victims of crimes (U-Visa and VAWA)

6. Temporary Protection Status (TPS)

7. Asylum

8. Deportation defense

9. Research regarding immigration consequences of criminal charges and other complex issues

We have helped clients from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador, Vietnam, China, and Ghana among others around the world.

Please contact our office via email, Skype, or phone to schedule a consultation. During this consultation you will meet with the attorney who will review your case information, explain your options and the best way to proceed with your case.

Our office is conveniently open Monday through Saturday.  Please contact our office for an appointment.

As a part of our goal to educate immigrants, non-immigrants and/or professionals interested in the complex immigration system, our office is proud to offer:

If you are interested in our law office setting up an immigration presentation, please contact us.

Immigration Court

U.S. Immigration Court for Denver is located at:

621 17th Street, Room 300

Denver, CO 80293.
The telephone number is (303) 844-5815.


Detainee hearings are conducted at the Global Expertise in Outsourcing (GEO) detention facility in Aurora. The address is:


3130 North Oakland St., Room 1, 1st Floor

Aurora, CO 80011

The telephone number is (303) 361-0488.


Colorado Bar Association Legal Clinics

Rocky Mountain Immigration Advocate Network

Denver Center for Crime Victims

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