María Belén Albuja

Owner and Managing Attorney

At Albuja Law we distinguish ourselves because we build relationships directly with our clients since we are very close to them from the first moment we’re contacted.

María Belén is an attorney licensed to practice law in the United States. Before graduating from law school at the University of Denver (in 2009), she studied Law in her native country, Ecuador. Now, María Belén makes sure to evaluate the migratory histories of our clients and review the Immigration Law to determine the best way to obtain work permits/residences and, ultimately, make the journey to the United States worth it.

As the Managing Attorney, she is in charge of directly managing all questions and legal investigations of the cases that come to Albuja Law. For more than a decade, María Belén has maintained a commitment to the immigrant community, sharing reliable information about migration in forums, events, and sessions (in person or virtually).

At Albuja Law, we make a difference by our dedication to helping immigrants, explaining their rights, laws, and the options they have to carry out an effective and more straightforward immigration procedure.

María Belén, head of our team, personally knows the struggle of starting a new life in a different country and knows how valuable the assistance of an immigration attorney can be in these procedures.

“The key is not to give up and be consistent because the transition is possible, but sometimes we need a little help, and that is why we are here”.

- María Belén Albuja, Owner and Managing Attorney en Albuja Law.

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