Mía y Teddy

Albuja Law's pets

We are a pet-friendly office, and we are aware that the company of our pets makes our work environment much more friendly.

Immigration is complex because of the amount of work involved, and it can also be stressful. Having Mia and Teddy in the office gives us all a reason to take a five-minute break to recharge to serve our customers better.

Mia is originally from Quito, Ecuador, and moved to Denver in 2011. She enjoys greeting customers, chasing tennis balls, and taking naps in the waiting area.

Teddy was born in Colorado, and is the most in-demand attraction in our office. He enjoys receiving our clients and his best moment is when they stroke his tummy.

Mia and Teddy have a friendly character and understand both English and Spanish. They have different schedules and work only part-time.

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